Shop Run, 2022

Residency at Peacocks, Catford for Hypha Studios

This sculpture is the result of a mending exchange with people from the local community accessed through my local school, Corbett Community Library, shops on Rushey Green and passers by to Peacocks. Participants and their exchanged items – Janina Smith – Polo Shirt, Joe Page – Skinny jeans, Tess Streathfield – Dress, Clare Pickup – Casmere jumper, Becky Callis – Dress, Tori Taiwo – Cropped Sweatshirt, Suvd Amarbayar – Puffer Jacket, Sydney Westenskow – Bandana, Kofo Famurewa – Gele, Toyin Fatona – Dress, Nicholas Henderson – Pyjamas, Rachel Braithwaite – Skinny Jeans, Lucy Atlee – Scarf, Theresa Webb – Vest, Marta Tabinishi – Dress, Rashida Stewart – Baby Blanket, Angela Saint – Dress, Gemma Macaulay – Jumper, Lucy Devine – Scarf, Cheryl Johnson – Blouse, Anonymous doner – dress and Peacock’s Staff – abandoned black uniforms.